Italian at Mitcham Community House

Language Learning: We offer French, Italian, Spanish & Mandarin language courses. Depending on Tutor availability and interest, we offer a range of languages to choose from.

The benefits of learning a new language are immense

You can connect more with others and they are great of you are travelling to a country that speaks that language. You can connect through different cultures through language, you can also exercise your brain too.. the list goes on .. learning a new language or revisiting a language is fun.

For Dates and Times Please Refer to our Current Course Guide

Please contact the office for further information and/or download the General Course enrolment form. Please hand in or email the completed form to the front office.

French is the way to keep your brain active. It’s language therapy, a window into the culture, and so much fun!

Lucy has lectured in French at Universities in Russia. She has helped many Australian students follow their dreams all the way to Paris.

~Lucy W

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