Art at Mitcham Community House

There are many benefits to doing Art :

  • Stress Relief
  • Make some New friends
  • Encourages Creative thinking
  • Fantastic way to exercise your brain
  • Help you focus on a task
  • You feel you have accomplished something
  • Art can serve as a great gift, or you can place it somewhere where you can admire it!

Art – Your Style & Mixed Media

The tutor will offer ways in which you can find your own artistic expression by guiding you to know what feels right for you, both by developing confidence in application to your work and encouraging you to keep going.

Find relief through creativity from the stress of everyday life. Be guided by what inspires you from week to week.

Cultivate your eyes to see as the artist sees. Learn by seeing, sensing, and exploring colors, tones, and textures. Discover your innate style.

Learn how to paint life as you see and experience it. Start an Inspiration Inventory.

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